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Worms, Your Garden’s Best Friend

Worms, beautiful worms, are your garden’s best friend.  You should take good care of the worms in your garden.  Don’t poison them with chemicals or allow birds to fly over and eat them.

You can do many things to your garden to enhance the soil but nothing will compare to having healthy earth worms living in it.  They airate the soil, their dropping will fertilize it, in a way, other things can not.  The soil will become better at growing what you plant, thus giving you more and better food.

Earth Worms: The hardest worker in the garden

Earth Worms: The hardest worker in the garden. 

Invite them in by feeding them your table and cooking scrapes.  I keep a container on my counter to fill with peelings or other discarded bits and pieces of food items, as I am cooking.  They can eat most anything except bones or something that has oil, fats or butter on them.

When I go to my garden [2-3 times a week] I take along this container and feed my worms.  As I garden in raised beds, I place the food along the edges and till it under with a hand tool.  Before I plant my ground cover and shut down my garden for the winter, I plan to add more food for my friends, the worms.

If you are planting a new bed, make sure you add some worms by looking under rocks or other debris, shortly after a rain.  You should have no trouble finding them but just in case you do not, find a fish and tackle store and buy live worms.  Put them into your soil as soon as possible.  One worm will produce more worms, 7 times in a year..[poor momma].  Within a few months, your garden will be a thriving worm home and your garden will be thanking you for it.