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I’m Growing What I Eat

My little garden is starting to share it’s summer bounty.  This week I was able to add cucumbers, zucchini, banana peppers, potatoes, shallots and fresh Basil to my food pantry from my little garden.

Growing what I eat, enables me to control the pesticides and other things that normally are used in commercial foods.  I use none of the products that the large corporations use to control bugs and mold.  My main bug deterrent is a little dish soap mixed in a bottle of warm water.  I also use my fingers to remove anything larger than pea size.  Thankfully those are few and far between.

I'm growing what I eat


It looks like I am going to have an abundance of cucumbers, as I am picking 6-8 a day now.  One of the things that has helped my, growing what I eat garden, this season, was my use of a ground cover, to keep the dreaded white moth from laying it’s eggs in the soil around my seedlings.  When those eggs hatch, the larva eat the roots of your plants and your young plants die.  This light weight covering is one of my best helpers in my road to independence of growing what I eat.

winterize your garden

The tomatoes are beginning to appear, soon they will be ripe enough for me to use in my meals or as a snack.  I planted six Cherry Tomato plants and nine assorted verities of the larger tomatoes.  It wasn’t as many as last year but I still feel it’s enough for my large family to share and still have enough to can 12- 24 quarts for the winter.

I planned my evening meal around what I got from the garden in the morning.  I had already started the BBQ chicken legs in the slow cooker so I had a head start on the meal.  I added a couple of the new potatoes, a cucumber and a sliced tomato that one of my neighbors at the garden gave me.  A simple delicious meal that cost me very little time or money.

eating what I grow


Tips For Controlling Pests In The Garden

Tips for controlling pests in your garden is today’s topic.  And no, I did not mean your kids or neighbors, although some of these might scatter a few two legged pests, too.

[1]  The next time you sharpen your pencils, spread the clipped wood around your plants.  Cultivate the wood shavings into the soil at the bottom of the plant.  Ants and bugs will run, as most pencils are made of Cedar, and they hate the smell of it.

[2] For the best bug removal, buy a few chickens and let them have the run of your garden.  They might peck a tomato or two but you wont have to worry about loosing a lot of your harvest to bugs or insects, plus you get a bonus of all those eggs in the fridge.

[3]  Spinosad is about as organic as you can get in pest control products because it comes from sugar cane but it will only kill chewing insects. That’s because it only works in their digestive system.

[4] A few other organic products for pest control are:

Banana peelings will keep aphids off roses, chop them up and place at the base of the plant. .

For ants: Sprinkle aspertame around the base of your plants.

For snails or slugs: set a shallow bowl of beer out.  They seem to like it best at night.

For aphids on vegetable plants: Use a spray bottle of water mixed with a few drops of dishwashing soap to control the garden pests.

radishes_La Grande Farmers' Market

Growing onions and radishes at the base of larger plants, such as tomatoes, squash or cucumbers, will keep pests from bothering that plant. Again, they don’t like the smell of the radishes and onions.  Who knew garden pests were such good smellers?

Growing a row of Marigolds and Lavendar on the outer edge of your garden, is another good way for controlling pests in the garden.

When you are using hand picking as a way of controlling pest, such as plant bores, make sure you place them in a zipped bag before throwing them in the garbage, you want to be double sure they wont show up again.

I hope these tips for controlling pests in the garden make gardening easier and fun for you once again.