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Broccoli, A Cold Weather Vegetable Garden Favorite

Broccoli is one of the all time favorite cold weather vegetable garden plants. For the most part, it is easy to grow, makes an impressive plant in your garden but the best part is, it’s very good for you.

Broccoli good for the body

Broccoli, A Favorite Cold Weather Vegetable Does The Body Good

Broccoli as most of us know it, is one of the flowering vegetable. It is thought, by many health experts, to help prevent diseases, among them being some forms of cancer. Broccoli is a rich source of nutrients which helps to fight off many illnesses and promotes better health in it’s eaters.

Broccoli is known to be very low in calories [about 30 per cup], an excellent source of Vitamin C, A, K and the B complex group of vitamins. It’s also has healthy minerals such as, calcium, manganese, iron, magnesium, selenium, zine and phosphorus. It’s an all around health pill in vegetable form.

When selecting your Broccoli, choose the freshest you can find. You want it a bright deep green in color, with firm flowerettes and stalk. Look at the ends of the stalks, to be sure they aren’t showing signs of splitting or decaying. Both are signs that it has seen better days and not fit for you to feed you or your family.

You can store your fresh Broccoli in the refrigerator for 2-3 days before use but if you know you wont be using it in that time, you may want to slice a thin piece off the bottom of the stalks, then place the whole plant in an upright postion in a jar, with about on inch of water. Cover the flowering part of the plant with a loose fitting piece of plastic and it should keep for up to a week, in this manner.

Keep your cooking method for the Broccoli on the simple side. Steaming, roasting or raw, is the best way to keep all those good vitamins and minerals in working order to do your body good. When we over cook vegetables such as Broccoli, Brussel Sprouts and other root vegetables we loose almost 50% of their food value.

Quick and easy recipes for Broccoli and it’s family, can be found on our sister site http://FoodShoppingOnABudget.com

So when it comes to choosing your cold weather vegetable be sure to check out the Broccoli family for good tasting and good for you, eats.