Growing Food That You and Your Family Eat

raised bed vegetable garden _Lori L. Stalteri

Growing what you and your family eats is the best way to be certain you are getting the foods your body needs.

In today’s supermarkets, you can find foods from all over the world.  In most cases they were harvested days or maybe weeks ago.  From the moment they were harvested, they begin to loose their food value.  Not knowing when they were taken from the growing space, allows you to make bad choices for you and your family’s meals.

Growing food that your family will know is organic and healthy is the best way to keep their bodies active and growing.

In a space no larger than a small bedroom, you can grow what you eat, for 10 months out of the year in most locations.  With a little time and effort, your family can have fresher food than is available in most supermarkets of the world.

Growing what you eat can be a beautiful thing

Growing what you eat can be a beautiful thing

If you do not have space in your yard or have no yard, try container gardening.  As long as you have a staging area that gets 608 hours of sunlight, you can still grow many food items.  It can be a patio, driveway, or balcony and there is no need to buy containers.  Lots of veggies can be grown in clean cans, mop buckets, garbage cans, strong cardboard boxes and even old laundry baskets.

Learning to grow what you eat is the best gift you can give your family.

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