Container Gardening For The Senior or Handicap Gardner

Container Gardening for the senior or handicap person has never been easier. If you are a passionate senior or disabled gardener who has limited mobility that prevents you from doing conventional gardening, then container gardening could be for you. Although, with its ease of setting up and little maintenance, anyone can be a container gardener.

Clean paint or pet food containers make great gardening containers

Clean paint or pet food containers make great gardening containers

Many of us live in apartments or smaller homes and do not have the space to plant large gardens. Container gardening allows us to calm that “green thumb gardening bug” we have deep in us, while making it easy for us to maintain and harvest our bounty.

Many a patio, balcony or porch, no matter how small, can be the site for your container garden. Even the smallest of areas can be a good location for a few productive pots. You can design a container garden to suit your space and needs. Having a disability plus being a senior, I try to make gardening as easy as possible for myself.

I collect containers from where ever I can. No friend or neighbor is safe from my inquiring of what they are going to do with that large can, when the coffee is gone. Several containers you can find for free is: pet food containers, old tires, milk crates, sturdy cardboard boxes which I use for planting potatoes. You would be surprised at the amount of potatoes you can grow in 3 or 4 12’x24’ boxes. When it’s time to harvest, you just cut down the side and let the potatoes fall out.

You can make your garden portable by placing your containers in an old wagon or cart. If you do not get enough sun for your tomatoes on one side of your patio, you can roll it to the other side when the sun moves.

Being able to place your containers off the ground makes this form of gardening ideal for the seniors or people in wheelchairs. There will be little bending or using heavy garden tools. This is one of the most positive benefits of growing plants in containers and shows you just how versatile, container gardening can be.


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