Cheap Vegetable Gardening Tips

Cheap Vegetable Gardening Tips, That Are Good For Your Garden

[1] Newspapers, Cardboard and Paper Towels

All kinds of paper goods can be used in your garden. Cardboard is excellent to put in walkways to keep weeds from growing or as the first layer for your raised beds, as a foundation for your soil, leaves or compost.

Cheap Gardening Tips

Adding paper products to your compost bin is good for the worms and the garden.

Newspapers can be used to protect your seedling, giving them head start on growing strong.

If you are doing a compost bin, with worms, you can add newspapers and paper towels to the mixture.

[2] Earth Worms:

There is no need to buy earth worms for your garden, just lift a few rocks after a rain storm and you should find plenty. Adding them to your soil or compost mixture is one of the best things you can do for your garden. They will eat through your kitchen waste, including newspapers and paper towels, giving you a rich garden additive, that will grow bigger and better vegetables, flowers or grass,

[3] Saw Dust:

Do you know someone who likes to build things? Chances are they will have sawdust to give away. Make arrangements for them to keep it in a 5 gallon bucket [that you provide] and call you when it’s ready to be picked up. Mix it will your soil in the fall and by spring it will have become part of your soil. This is especially good if your soil is high in clay. The sawdust will loosen the clay and make it easier for the plant’s root system to grow.

[4] Kitchen Tools:

If you are gardening in a raised bed, before you go out and buy special hand tools for it, look around your kitchen and see what you can use. I prepared, planted and harvested my raised bed this year, using only the tools I found in my kitchen. I found a sturdy long handled slotted spoon, 2 wooden spoons, an egg holder [used to getting boiled eggs out of hot water] that I put to great use in my garden. No expense or cost for any of them, they were just laying unused in my gadget drawer.

[5] Kitchen Waste:

Keep a covered container near your sink to put your kitchen waste in. Once a week, I try to take my worms a treat of kitchen waste. Some times I have to do a little chopping on the items but most times, all I do is add them to my worm bed, cover with a layer of dirt and walk away. I know that when I get ready to use that soil mixture in the spring, I will be richly rewarded.

There are many cheap vegetable gardening tips, all waiting to serve you and your garden, these are only 5 ways to save money while enjoying the rewards of having your own fresh produce.

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