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Vegetable Gardening Is Good for Your Health

Vegetable gardening is a great activity in many ways. It’s a wonderful form of exercise, stress reliever and just plain old fun.

Vegetable Gardening

Vegetable Gardening Is Good For Your Health

Studies have shown that regular outings in nature and fresh air is good for all of us. Not only will you feel energized after a gardening session, but you’ll also know you have accomplished something because, there it is, right in front of you, for all to see.

Four Reasons Vegetable Gardening Is Good For Your Health are:

  • Stress relief. Most of us lead stressful lives. Vegetable gardening is a good way of relieving that stress. It’s a quiet, gentle activity that helps you connect with nature and gives you peace of mind. There’s something very nurturing about having a part in helping something grow. Especially when it’s something you can eat.
  • Good for your joints and flexibility. As we get older, we loose some of our mobility. Vegetable gardening is not only a great option for keeping your joints moving and flexible without too much pressure, it, also, allows us the ability to grow organic foods that are good for us. Doing simple movements, like bending, lifting and light digging will help your flexibility and helps your body build muscles.
  • It Keeps you busy. If you’re out of work or retired, keeping a garden can provide a great way of staying active, fit and healthy plus allows you to grow your own food and keep expenses down. It will also, make you feel a wonderful sense of achievement, when you see the fruits of your labor.
  • Great social activity. Vegetable gardening is becoming more and more popular. Lots of people are joining a community garden. This is a great way to bond with your community and the people in it. It’s also an opportunity for trading home-grown produce so you aren’ t looking up 30 ways to cook squash, recipes. Vegetable gardening is a great link for friendships and having like-minded people doing something they all enjoy.

Vegetable gardening is a great health activity but there are also, many other wonderful benefits. Along with getting plenty of fresh air, exercise and fresh foods, you can make new friends and eat better, too. Vegetable gardening is a fantastic all-around activity to enjoy, leading to improved health and adding to the quality of your life.


Teaching Others To Vegetable Garden

Teaching others to grow their own vegetable garden can be life changing for all involved. You have heard the old saying about “To feed a man 1 day, give him a fish but to feed him a life time, teach him to fish”. I add to that, If you want to feed someone a healthy diet for a life time, teach them how to grow their own vegetable garden”.

For a better life and health, gardening is great habit to get into. There is no better gift than teaching family, especially children and friends how to grow their own food. Kids love getting in the dirt and playing around to begin with, so why not teach them to plant, cultivate and grow their favorite vegetables? Square foot vegetable gardening is a quick and easy way to start. Whether it’s a garden of fruits and vegetables that they get to eat, or just pretty flowers that they get to nurture and watch grow, it’s a great learning opportunity for all ages.

Tips For Teaching Others to Grow Their Vegetable Garden

Growing What You Eat in Your Own Vegetable Garden

Vegetable Garden

1. Find out the depth of their interest, the interest has to be there for gardening before you even start.

2. Make sure they have the right tools for the job. They will need hand tools, gloves, a hoe and rake for sure. Larger tools can be borrowed until they know for sure they will stick to gardening.

3. Choose vegetables that are easy to grow and they like to eat. You might not want something that’s going to take a long harvest time because they might lose interest if they do not see the fruits of their labor quickly. Here are a few you could try with your beginner gardener:

  • Tomatoes
  • Squash
  • Radishes
  • Beans
  • Sweet peas
  • Lettuce

So get out there and get to growing that vegetable garden. Remember to have fun, It’s not a chore, it’s a new life changing ability to learn. I have found that once a person gets into the enjoyment of gardening, they never get tired of it. There is always something new to do in the vegetable garden.

3 Things To Keep Gardeners Busy

3 Things To Keep Gardeners Busy During The Winter Months.

For most of us gardeners, winter can come as a pleasant reprieve, from all the hard work in the Summer sun. However, around mid January, we become antsy waiting for the first burst of Spring Sun and planting time.

Learning to use this time wisely could be important for your new gardening season. Here are a few things to help you pass the time until Spring shows up and you get to play in the dirt again.

[1] Seed Catalogs
Seed catalogs are a gardeners best friend, during the winter months. Set aside an hour or so everyday to explore the pages of your seed catalogs. Learn about the new plants or find an old favorite you had forgotten about. Check out all the new gardening techniques and make plans for the ones you want to try out. Soon the last thing on your mind will be the cold weather in the middle of winter.

3 Ways To Keep Gardeners Busy

Seed Catalogs, 1 of 3 ways to keep gardeners busy during winter.

[2] Organized and Clean Your Tools
[A] Gather all your tools together and take a good look at them. Some may need to be replaced but most will only need a good cleaning. Shake and scrape off any dirt or debris. Use a steel wool product to get down to the metal. Run a coarse sand paper over the wooden handles. Once you have this done, you might want to paint the wooden parts and spray the metal parts with an oil by-product to keep it from rusting.

[B] Make an inventory of any seeds you had left from the last season. Most seeds, if stored properly, will still be good to plant the next year. You might have a little less germination but your plants from these seeds will be as good as any from a new set of seeds.

[C] Start stocking up on gardening supplies. Mulch, potting soil, fertilizer and seedling containers can be bought cheaper in the off season sales.
Order seeds and plants from those seed catalogs you have been reading. The seed company will send them to you when your zone becomes warm enough to plant them.

[3] Join An Online Gardening Group
Joining people of like mind, during the winter months can become very handy during the growing season. Having someone or many some ones to answer question that can come up through out the year could make the difference in you having good results from your gardening efforts or having nothing to show for all your hard work.
If you do not know any gardening blogs or sites, just type “garden blogs” into your search engine and in seconds you will have hundreds show up. Give yourself time to check out a few before deciding which one to join. Once you introduce yourself to the room, expect lots of feedback from any questions you ask.

Coming up with more ways to keep our favorite gardeners busy.

I’m sure you can come up with many more ways to keep your family gardeners busy and happy until planting time comes around.  Feel free to post your thoughts below or on